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How important is it to use a licenced Commercial Maintenance organisation for your asset?

Using a licensed commercial maintenance organisation for your asset is very important. It ensures that the work performed on your property meets the required standards, is of high quality, and complies with all relevant regulations and codes.

Licensed commercial maintenance organisations have the necessary expertise, training, and experience to provide reliable and efficient maintenance services. They are required to maintain certain levels of insurance and financial stability to ensure that they can stand behind their work and provide compensation in case of any damages or losses.

By using a licensed commercial maintenance organisation, you can be assured that your asset will be maintained properly and professionally, minimising the risk of any potential problems that can arise from subpar workmanship. In addition, a licensed maintenance provider can also provide you with peace of mind that the work is being carried out safely and in compliance with all applicable safety regulations, minimizing the risk of any potential liabilities.

Proserv is licenced with QBCC which stands for the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. It is a statutory authority in Queensland, Australia, responsible for regulating the building industry, including contractors, tradespeople, and building companies. The QBCC's role is to ensure that buildings are constructed to appropriate standards and that the people working in the building and construction industry are licensed and qualified to do so. The QBCC also provides advice and assistance to consumers in relation to building disputes and helps to resolve issues that arise during the building process.

Proserv's QBCC License ACT number is15182979.


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